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A bunch of makes!

 I've been really inspired lately to make garments and stuff, so here are the latest projects I just finished:) 1) Sewed a tunic for myself used the Luova pattern from the book Building The Pattern                              2) Sewed an outfit for my daughter's voice recital (She sang On My Own from Les Miserables) used the McCalls 7942 pattern for top and pants Here's a short video of her performance:) 3) Knitted a hat used the Brilliant Corners pattern by one of my fave designers Kate Davies Behind the scenes... Kinda chaotic when I sew but I am pretty anal about cleaning up at the end of the day:D How was your weekend, everyone?

What have I been watching #23

 Stuff that I've just watched or currently watching that I highly recommend:) 1) Wonder Woman 1984 I finally saw this, and I really liked it! Not as much as the first one, but it was still a pretty great movie with a great cast. Both Pedro Pascal and Kirsten Wiig were awesome as the "villains". 2) Case I just finished watching this Icelandic series and man....what a dark show this was, but the plot line with all its twists and turns was great. If you watch enough Icelandic shows, you also begin to recognize the actors and actresses from other series, so it was great to see familiar faces. 3) Demon Slayer My two teen-aged boys kept telling me to watch this coz they really loved it, and now, I totally understand why. I am still watching this currently, and I am really digging it! Love the main characters Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko:) Fun watch if you're into animé for sure. 4) The Great British Sewing Bee Season 7 (BBC) Man...if you're into sewing, you probably kn

Why not?

 I know some knitters don't knit in the summer, but not me....mwa ha ha! Here's my latest finished item...a hat:) I used Da Crofter's Kep pattern by Wilma Malcolmson, which is put out by the Shetland Wool Week. used the pattern Da Crofter's Kep (free right now here ) inside out Have you guys been to Shetland (Scotland)? I would love to visit this place someday. What is one place you would like to visit soon? PS In case you are fan of Van Gogh, I just did a book review video of his biography. It took me 6years to finish this book...LOLZ. Check it out:) 

A Rosa for David

 It's been awhile since I've sewn something for myself. Since the pandemic began, it's been mostly masks and alterations I've been doing. When I heard, however, that sewing expert/artist David Page Coffin passed away, I decided to sew a dress shirt as part of a tribute that the sewing site  Pattern Review is doing. I decided to use the Rosa pattern from Tilly and the Buttons (a pattern company I've always loved). me wearing the Rosa shirt (Tilly and the Buttons) worn with UNIQLO pants and Vans slip ons I made an error with the sizing of this shirt, but in the end (after changing the seam allowances), I ended up with something that fit just right. And because I made something for myself, I had to make something for my youngest child too! LOL I made her pyjamas. The pattern is also from Tilly and the Buttons (Margot pyjamas from her book Love at First Stitch) . In progress: I look so serious...LOLZ Do you do any kind of crafting? Do let me know:)  (If you're a kn