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It was the week before Christmas....

 Last week has been particularly hectic (and this week is no better...sigh), and I thought I'd share some of the highlights:) 1) My middle child had his Christmas Concert in school. (He plays alto-sax and part of the senior concert band.) 2) My eldest (who is in first year at university) finished his mid-terms and now on Christmas vacation...yay! 3) My youngest sister, her husband, and my mom have their birthdays on December, and they celebrated it together. My eldest sister flew from Vancouver and she's here til after New Year! 4) My youngest did her Christmas concert at her music school. Sewed her this jumpsuit:) Here's the video of her performance: Anyhoo, how has your month been like? Is it crazy? Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season:)

Obsession #60- These boots!!!

 Lord, please make me win the lotto soon so I can buy these boots. Prada boots (image from I also want these Prada boots Timothée Chalamet was wearing in his British Vogue October 2022 spread!                           What have you been wanting lately?

Life lately- pre Holiday Season 2022

 Just some stuff we've been up to:) 1) Watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Loved this movie:) I might have shed a tear or two when they showed Chadwick:( 2) Did some Christmas shopping with the kids   Trying on a robe...LOL Daughter trying on jeans 3) Finished sewing my daughter's outfit for her upcoming Christmas concert at her music school in-progress picture (It's a jumpsuit!) What have you been up to? Have you started (or finished) your holiday shopping?