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All over the place

This outfit is a mixed bag of prints because why not? :D Do you mix prints a lot with your outfit?

What have I been watching #17

 Just some stuff I've been watching lately:) 1) Perry Mason This new HBO series is so freaking awesome, you guys! What a great take on the old series. It's basically a prequel, which shows how Perry got his start. A very dark take on a classic for sure, but Matthew Rhys is so great in the role. The whole season is now available for streaming on HBO, so you don't have to wait like I did:D 2) Strangers 2 I didn't even know there was Season 2 until it popped up on my Netflix notification. Only 4 episodes are up so far, so I'm waiting patiently every week:D So happy Netflix is showing this. 3) Ju-On Origins If you liked The Grudge movies, then you have to see this series. Asian horrors are the best! Not heavily reliant on special effects, and it's more of a slow build, but definitely many scary moments. 4) Joker I know....I know....this is an "oldish" movie, but I just recently saw, and OMG! That Oscar given to Joaquin Phoenix was so well-deserved! Loved t

Some sort of a reprieve

 Well, this outfit is one of my faves, but really, nothing special. But what's special is that I wore this when my daughter's music school had its summer showcase this past weekend. My daughter's music teacher has been consistently teaching her students online throughout this pandemic via Zoom. God bless her....she was kind enough to organize an outdoor performance for the kids when our city reached the stage where something like this was doable. We all kept our distance from each other...even my own family....and it was great to be able to do this:) How was your weekend, everyone?

Untitled #2

Wearing my old H&M shirt, Marciano skirt and Vans slip ons is just perfect with this crazy hot weather we are having, which I love love love:D   Out and about with my kids when it's not crowded:) How are you enjoying the last few weeks of summer (here in the northern hemisphere anyhoo)?

Precious moments

 I decided to take the kids to the beach. We were honestly ready to leave if it was busy, but thank God, it wasn't. It was the first time we've gone this year, and man, let me tell really did feel like such a blessing to be able to do so.                                                                                    

Sinister...but not really.

Wearing this jacket with a mask makes me feel like Lisbeth from Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (minus the hacking skills and other talents) and I'm here for it! :D It's been raining like crazy where I am, which is good I guess considering how hot it has been lately. Tommy Hilfiger jacket, old dress I sewed, Adidas sneakers