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Monday, July 27, 2020

Obsession #50

We're right in the middle of summer, so it's time to covet the perfect summer dress, which for me is the tiered dress.

Striped long dress from

Tiered sundress from

What have you been obsessing over lately?

PS Just promoting my latest YouTube vid upload:D

Monday, July 20, 2020

Untitled #1

I am truly having a hard time lately getting creative with post titles, especially when it comes to outfit ones, so I thought I'd copy those works of arts when the artists simply call them  Untitled # whatever....

old Rainbow Bar shirt and pants from Urban Outfitters, Vans slip ons

PS Just sharing here my latest video upload:) Do watch especially if you are Miyazaki fan! :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

High Functioning

I'm a big fan of the Sherlock show and really miss it. Don't you hate it when you fave show ends? Sigh....
old Sherlock shirt from Hot Topic, Calvin Klein pants and Vans slip ons

What is one show that ended that you really miss and wish there are more seasons?

Friday, July 10, 2020

It's brutal out there!

As someone who really love the hot weather, I really do look forward to summer. Lately, though, the heat warning makes it almost unbearable...almost:P

Topshop bathing suit, Gap shorts

Are you a summer person?

Monday, July 6, 2020

#QuarantineLife 3

Even though things have been opening up more here, my family are still pretty much in lockdown mode. We haven't even been hanging out with our relatives (aside from seeing them 6 feet away when they drop by to say hi to the kids.)

I honestly don't understand why people are so keen to go to the beach or go to pubs and such. I don't know what's going on mentally with everyone obviously, or what is their situation at home that people feel the need to socialize. It is just mind boggling how people think the pandemic is over.

 Of course, we do go to stores to get stuff, and church is open at 30% capacity (with strict social distancing/mask rule) so yay for that. Otherwise, we are keeping busy here at home:)

What I've been doing:

1) Watched Strangers From Hell (Netflix)
Thank you to my blogger friend Rowena for recommending this! What an awesome show! If you're into crime drama that's kinda gory, you will love this. The twist at the end....aaaaaah!!!!
It doesn't hurt that it has my fave Korean actors Im Si-Wan and Lee Dong-Wook...heehee.
image from asianwiki.comA

Another great watch is The Witch: Subversion (Netlfix)
image from
This was a great action film. Also a great cast:)

2) Sewing more masks
One can never have enough masks nowadays.

3) Watched the musical Hamilton on Disney+
Oh...em....gee! I would've never gotten the chance to see this live (a ticket in Toronto was hard to score as it was all over the world). So happy to finally see it...worth all the hype.
I was bawling by the end....huhuhu...and Jonathan Groff was amazeballz as always, even if his part wasn't that long.

4) My youngest had another vocal recital via Zoom.
That's always fun:D

5) Uploading more art videos on my YouTube channel
Here's that latest one I've done. You'll see me talking about some drawings and paintings I've done lately:)

What have you been up lately?

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