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#FanExpoCanada2022 (Picture-Heavy)

 If you guys have been reading my blog for awhile, then you may know that the Fan Expo is an annual tradition for us. First time we went was in 2012! 2019 was the last time we did it, as when COVID happened, the 2020 one was cancelled , and 2021 was still a scary time for Toronto.  This year, however, with all of us having been vaccinated and received our booster shots, we decided to go back. It was such a great experience (as always). We went on Saturday (it runs for 4 days), so it was super busy! Below are pics...quite a lot coz I took my camera, too (aside from using my phone). We left super early.... The was blinding! My daughter cosplayed as a Sparrow Academy member (from the show The Umbrella Academy) So excited to be back at Metro Convention Centre for this! World of Ghibli! We tweeted this picture, and got a prize from the World of Ghibli booth! So cool:) Line up for the Genshin photo op was super long....sigh.... This dude in front of us in the line up was super cool

Obsession #58

 It's been awhile since I've posted what I've been obsessing lately, so here they are:D This Milkfed tote bag Milkfed x Mayu Yukishita bag This whole outfit from GOOP  (even though I usually don't wear white) definitely obsessed with this St. Agni Cotton Rib Knit Vest What have you been obsessing over lately?

More of the same

 Another basic outfit...shirt, jeans and my beloved Vans. TBH, I love summer but outfit-wise, it's probably the worst for me just because I get lazy...LOL

Vlog time!

 Here's a short vlog my daughter did on our trip to St. Lawrence Market (downtown Toronto).  Enjoy:D


 I haven't really bought a lot of clothes lately, but I couldn't resist this dress/tunic. I really don't wear white but I just love this, and it was on sale for such a great price to boot! Urban Outfitters tunic/dress, old leggings, J Crew ballet flats Wore this to my younger sister's annual summer barbecue:) my younger sis with her "little" doggie Darwin:D I can't believe summer is half over....waaaaaaaaaah!