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New in...ready for spring

 I try not to go shopping for clothes nowadays, but my husband saw this spring coat and he said it's so me, so who am I to argue? Bwahaha Look how happy I was when I got the coat:D One detail I love about this coat is that aside from the normal pockets outside, it also has inside pockets! Have you bought anything recently?

Turning point

 We just celebrated my eldest's 19th birthday....19th!!! little ones...not so little anymore. Well...they haven't been little in awhile now but I'm in the land of denial...huhuhu How was your weekend?

Leather weather

 I posted on Twitter last year how a friend of mine who works in a leather company told me that her manager was trying to get rid of extra stuff and scraps they had lying around. She asked if I wanted some. I never said "yes" so fast in my life! Well, it turned out that the extra stuff they had meant two trips to the warehouse, with our van fully loaded! I felt like I hit the jackpot, and so grateful to have such people in my life. These two pics are about half of the stuff they gave me. Anyhoo, I finally decided to make some stuff with these treasures:) First make, a basic leather tote bag.  As you can see, it's a pretty big bag, which meant it can fit all my stuff! Some work-in-progress stuff:D Next up, a small shoulder bag for my short trips:                                             WIP pics And last but not the least, a small key chain I stamped it with a "W" for the family last name. So, here are some of the tools I use. I get them from Lee Valley, but

Some Monday Inspiration

 Just a few images I'm really digging.... (all images from - Copenhagen Fall 2023 street style) What has been inspiring you lately?