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Some Monday Inspiration: Wednesday

 My daughter and I just finished binge-watching the show Wednesday on Netflix, and we both loved it! Jenna Ortega's Wednesday was such a cool character, with an awesome wardrobe to boot. images from's Bazaar Wednesday doesn't take crap from anyone, honest to a fault, and really just someone who always stands up for can you not love that? :) Have you seen the show?

St. Jacobs

  This past weekend, our family decided to go to St.Jacobs Farmers' Market for a day trip. It was about an hour and half away for us, so not too far. From the website: Known as Canada’s largest year-round farmers’ market & flea market, find hundreds of local vendors inside three main buildings and in an outdoor area that swells as the growing season progresses. Some items are brought to market by the truckload; other arrives by horse & buggy from local Old Order Mennonite farms: fresh local fruits and vegetables, quality meats and cheeses, locally-produced maple syrup, honey, preserves, baking, authentic cuisine from many cultures, imported produce, various gluten-free and organic options, local crafts, housewares, wearables, and more.  We had a great time, just walking around and checking out the stalls. My haul for the day...don't judge. Do you guys like going to farmers' market?

Mall rat #2

 A "photoshoot" this time in our fave Asian mall...LOLZ...what can I say? Malls are my jam:D top from UNIQLO, old pants from Urban Outfitters, Vans slip on People always ask me where I got these pants! hehe the full outfit with my now-fave Calvin Klein coat

Mall rat

 Another photo shoot at the mall...bwahaha.... wearing a Norwegian-style cardi I knitted awhile back, an Alabama Chanin shirt that I sewed from a kit, UNIQLO pants, Vans slip ons We were laughing so hard here coz there was a guy who kept blocking us by accident. My haul for the day (If you guys saw my Halloween post , then you know my Attack on Titan obsession:D) Levi is my fave character on that show! Here is Eren cute, right?  Any new hauls lately? PS I just posted this holiday gift guide for artists on YT:) If you have some time...