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What have I been watching #32

 There are actually quite a few movies and shows I've seen since my last update, but I thought I'd just feature here the ones I liked. I also saw a lot of Asian horror, but if I mention all of them, this post would probably be a mile long so I thought I'd skip that for now....LOL all images from 1)Jurassic World Dominion My middle child (who is a big fan of the franchise and dinosaurs in general) hated this movie, but I thought it was ok. 2) The Boys Season 3 Super gory and violent, but awesome writing as always (and I do love the cast). 3) The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Love this series as much as Stranger Things, The way they handled Elliot Page's character transitioning  was just so well done. 4)  Bordertown: The Mural Murders I'm a huge fan of the TV series so I was really glad to have finally seen this movie. Gotta love Nordic crime thrillers. 5) Candyman I thought this remake was just ok, but the cast was great, so Imma gonna forgive its shortcomings.

Life Lately- Mid summer 2022

 Some activities we've been doing this summer:)  My daughter and I have been biking a lot everywhere, trying to really enjoy the hot week we've just had:) My husband was able to take some time off, so we decided to walk a bit around downtown Toronto and go to Ripley's Aquarium. Here's a short video I took while we were in Ripley's:) Enjoying a nice brunch:) Summer swimming class:) More biking:) And of course....some shopping. What have you been up to? Are you in a place experiencing the heat wave right now? How do you enjoy your summer?

What have I been reading #2- Junji Ito (伊藤 潤二)

 I've just recently started reading Junji Ito 's ( 伊藤 潤二) mangas, and! (He mainly does horror mangas.) Venus In The Blind Spot and Uzumaki opening page of Uzumaki Page from one of the stories in Venus In The Blind Spot I'm also getting back into studying Japanese seriously, so here are some Japanese mangas that I'm planning to finish soon. Yotsuba, Sailor Moon and Demon Slayer In case you have some time, here is an old video I recorded years ago where I talk about my language learning books:) If you're a fan of horror manga, please hit me up with recommendations!

Life lately- early summer 2022

 Some stuff that just happened:) 1) Attending my son's high school graduation 2) Canada Day celebration 3) Shopping...fave activity (LOLZ) What are your plans for the summer?