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To the moon and back

With all the snow we've been getting, these boots are the out of the shoe closet. They don't get a lot of wear when I have to drive, but they're perfect for walks in the snow, or when shovelling:D Tecnica Moon Boots Bwahaha


This is the original version of the shawl I wore here  (knitted in 2014):) This is made of thicker yarn and more neutral colours:) wearing a shirt I sewed, Boneyeard Shawl I knitted, UNIQLO pants, Timberland boots Are you a fan of shawls/scarves? I tend to wear them year round honestly:D

Currently Loving #51

Just wanna share some stuff I'm loving right now:) 1) Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Bowl/Mat I got this item from our local Winners (it's like Marshall's) and OMG! Sooooo amazing. Really got my makeup brushes clean. I just wish I got another one for my artist paint brushes. 2) Birthday dinners:) My eldest son just turned 16, you guys....16!!!! Like....what the heck?!?!? Where did the time go? (PS: Thanks to my younger sis for making his birthday cake...nomnom). 3) Sara Happ Lip Scrub My blogger friend Kim was kind enough to send this for Christmas, and it's the best lip scrub, you guys!!! I've been using it every night, and I can totally see the difference. Thanks again, Kim:) 4) Kiko Milano eyeshadow in Smart This is another item I've been using a lot lately. My eldest sis picked this up when she was in Italy and I really love it! Great pigmentation and the shade is great for everyday wear. 5) These outfits Saw this displ

The forgotten one

Out of all my knits, this shawl I made in 2016 is the one I've been wearing almost all the time during this winter, and I can't believe I haven't blog about it more often. I wear this shawl even to bed sometimes....sorry for not putting you on the spotlight more often, my friend! Shawl I knitted using Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl pattern, UNIQLO pants, old Saks 5th sweater, Timberland boots I love this pattern so much I actually made two of these shawls. I'll be blogging about that one, too:) Do you have a constant companion when it comes to your outfits?

I concede.

Even though I complain about winter and snow and the coldness, one thing I really do love about the the season is that I can bust out all the knitwear. Winter is the best time for us knitters:D sweater I knitted using the Carbeth pattern by Kate Davies, UNIQLO pants, Timberland booties How is the weather where you are? Hope you are keeping warm/cool:)

You never forget your first.

This was the first sweater I've ever knitted...back in 2013 or 2014, I think. The stitches are twisted, the neckline did not fit properly that I had to cut the back collar...what can I say? It's not perfect. It's still one of my fave though, because it's soooo warm and well, it was my first:) Do you have an item in your wardrobe that might not be the most fashionable thing but you still love?