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What have I been watching #31

 Sooooo....this is quite a long list, everyone:) When I was in isolation due to Covid, watching movies was pretty much all I did and had energy  I have finally seen all of Wes Anderson's films (except for Bottle Rocket)...yay! I also re-watched the ones I've already seen. I also did this for some Miyazaki films...hehe In chronological order:  (I will include even the ones that I didn't like or are just ok, in case you haven't seen them and want to know:)) 1) Ravenous This is an old horror-ish film, and I can't believe I just saw it.! It's definitely different in terms of the tone of the film, and because it deals with cannibalism, it's definitely gory but still a great watch. 2) The Thing Also an old horror/sci-fi film, and this one was just ok but still a good watch. 3) The Wind Rises This is such a great Miyazaki film! Love love love. 4) The King After seeing Dune, I really became a Chalamet fan and decided to finally give this a go on

What have I been reading

 Books that I've just read or currently reading:) 1) Reacher: Killing Floor by Lee Child         Loved the series on Amazon (and the Tom Cruise movies) so I decided to finally read the first book. I liked it a lot, but is it the best written? Not really, but still a great read.                     2) Fangs by Sarah Andersen I've wanted to get my hands on this for a long time and finally did. I love this graphic novel! Such a quirky story, and Sarah's comedic timing when it comes to her comic panels is just perfect. Currently reading... 3) The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway I've always loved Ernest Hemingway since reading A Moveable Feast and some of his short stories, but have not really read any of his fiction work. (Crazy, right?!?) I am reading this right now, and am also loving it so far. I've always admired his writing style. 4) Making Comics by Scott McCloud This is a re-read for me. I'm currently loving this idea of doing a graphic novel in the future

Just in the nick of time....

 Soooo....I did end up getting Covid. I guess it was only a matter of time since everyone else got it. Thank you to everyone who reached out to ask how we were all doing:) XOXO Anyhoo, in a way, the timing was perfect, coz we all were out of isolation, and negative again this weekend when my daughter's Confirmation happened. (I must admit, though, that my energy level is still not what it used to be:( ) As a Catholic, this is a pretty big deal for us. My daughter prepared for it for about half a year...mostly virtual. The actual ceremony happened in person, and thought I'd just share some pics here:) I sewed these outfits awhile back...both for me but my daughter can wear my clothes now! (Tilly and the Buttons pattern for her jumpsuit, and the Alabama Chanin Panel Tank dress pattern for my dress) with her godmother:) with the Bishop who officiated the ceremony Family picture time!:D How was your weekend?

The Last of Us

 If you guys watch my YouTube videos, then this is not news...COVID has finally entered our house. As of right now, everyone except for moi has tested positive. It started off with my two older boys. We thought we had a pretty good system in terms of isolation, but then, my youngest and husband tested positive over the weekend. And's just me.... I will update here if/when I do get it...wish me luck! Update May 4/2022- Finally tested positive today:( PS Just in case you have some time...:)