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Because we're still seeing some snow around here, the knits are still out!
Pullover I knitted awhile back, no-name leggings, Timberland boots

And speaking of knitting, I recently passed Level 2 of the Master Hand Knitter program. Such a difficult level, but so worth it in the end. I was happy when I got the news from my co-chair! Will be enrolling in Level 3 (final level) as soon as I finish some other projects. Wish me luck, you guys:)

 On other crafting news, I'm trying to teach myself how to crochet. I learned when I was a kid, but have completely forgotten how to do it. Why do I want to learn again? Because it's all about the granny squares. I mean,  look at this awesome tunic from Zara!

And here are other stuff I saw in Zara that are inspiring me, sewing-wise:D I wanna make outfits like these! (I should point out that most of the time, how I actually look in these outfits are never quite what I had in mind...just saying....)

What have been inspiring you lately? Any new finds?


  1. This spring I pray for Snow.

    Jon Snow that is

  2. April snow is always a surprise; we had some flurries over here this morning too.
    Congratulations on getting your Level 2 and best wishes on all the other projects underway. I like the knit top you have on.

  3. Wow congratulations on passing Level 2 of the Master Hand Knitter program! You're definitely on your way to becoming a master knitter :) We were lucky to get rain instead of snow earlier this week.

  4. The top you made is beautiful, and congrats on passing the second level!

  5. Even if it's still so cold, you look cute! Love the lace details on your sweater :) Congrats on passing level 2 and good luck with level 3!


  6. congrats!!! that is so dang awesome!! good for you!!! yayyyy!

  7. Amazing Emmy, you're so great and you should just open an Etsy shop or something. Congratulations on excelling forward to the next level.
    Pistachio Cake

  8. Congrats on passing level 2! That is so exciting! Also loving your sweater you is gorgeous!

  9. It must be so nice to see things in stores and then be able to make them yourself!

  10. Great inspiration!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  11. You're a knitting super girl!! I've never gone beyond knitting or crocheting a scarf. I felt quite satisfied that I could do that and never bothered to better my kills.

  12. All of my sweaters are packed away - it's spring here for sure!

  13. Emmy, your knitting skills are AMAZEBALLS! THAT SWEATER! With the little designs and everything! YOU ARE KILLING ME! Yes, I'm shouting! Let me calm down. LOL That should be Level 3!!! I can only imagine Level 3! Knock it out the park girl! I'm still expecting a collection from you to sell online! LOL

  14. wow! congratz!! so happy for you!
    I'm in love with your blog, and I'm following you!! **proud follower nr 598**
    hop on my blog and if you like what's going one, please follow me too! I would love to stay in touch with you! :)
    have a great day!

  15. How come I see prettier Zara things in your pics than in the shop? Haha.. I went in recently, during our holiday, came out empty handed. Don't know why Zara clothes never inspired me. Are they good quality?


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