Oh, Flora...how do I love thee? #AlabamaChanin

 If you've been reading my blog for the past few months, then you know my love for Alabama Chanin. Here's the newest addition to my wardrobe. :)

Alabama Chanin Flora Waffle Sweatshirt, worn with North Face jacket, UNIQLO pants, and Vans sneakers

The organic waffle knit fabric is naturally dyed using Sappanwood sawdust, and the foliage design is hand-painted! What I love about Alabama Chanin is that many of their pieces are one-of-a-kind.

PS It was my eldest's birthday when these pics were taken:)

How was your weekend? Any new purchases lately?


ellie said…
So beautiful! Love this. So great that you did this. Oh, it's been cold here. Yet mild. No major snowstorms, even.

I have been catching up on some crocheting. I made myself a hat. The challenge was getting the yarn in a ball and then the yarn was messy at time, but I think it turned out OK. Naturally, I'm not as industrious as I would want to be. I did have to watch the skating and the Russian drama of it. Finally finished Cupid's Kitchen (C-drama) It had a dancing ending which I was not expecting. A much cheerful ending than many C-dramas I have watched. Still need to finish K-Drama MOONSHINE. So many twists and turns! in the period piece.

Hope you guys are staying well.

Happy Birthday to your oldest!
Oh wow! Okay, that sweater is gorgeous. I love the foliage design. The fact that it is hand painted makes the piece even more special. This is stunning and it looks beautiful on you. I hope your oldest had a wonderful birthday! <3
the creation of beauty is art.
Hena Tayeb said…
Love the sweater. You look great!
Mica said…
That is such a cosy top on you! I love the print and it's a very beautiful colour! Happy birthday to your eldest too! They really do grow so fast. I hope he had a wonderful birthday!

Hope you are having a great week! :)

Away From The Blue
That sweatshirt is stunning! It's easy to see why you love it and it coordinates marvelously with your fab & fun hair. Also happy belated birthday to your eldest <3
Oh that is a fun sweat shirt, love the patterned texture and the florals. And Happy Birthday to him!!!

Allie of
Lovely said…
The sweatshirt is fabulous! The foliage design is beautiful and I love that it is hand-painted.
Anonymous said…
i sense a disturbance in the force: a bib, you must wear, when imbibing the timbiebs. else, the wrath of cawffee stain, you will feel, young padawan
- yer hubs "keep it clean yo"
rooth said…
Waffle knit is the best - love it on you!
Panty Buns said…
The weave, colour and hand-painted foliage design on The Alabama Chanin Flora Waffle Sweatshirt look very attractive, and it looks very comfortable to wear.
I like the way you styled it in your outfit.
I love that the organic fabric is naturally dyed.
I am not familiar with Sappanwood, but it must be pretty!
A belated happy birthday to your eldest!
Your hair looks very pretty.

The floral design is so pretty. I also love the color! Happy Belated Birthday to your eldest. Time is passing so fast!

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