Latest Me-Made

Here are just a couple of stuff I made over the summer to get ready for the colder months.

1) I love how this sweater turned out, and it was an easy knit to boot. Pattern can be found here.
Worsted Boxy sweater

 2) My sister-in-law bought this DMC Top This hat kit for me to knit for the little one. This was another easy project with such a cute result:)

3) My husband rarely requests anything, but one thing he did want me to make for him are boxers coz these are items he buys a lot of. I thought I'd give this pattern from Diana Rupp's Sew Everything Workshop book a go, and it worked out great. I didn't bother matching the fabric pattern as this was just a test, but next time for sure:)

The Foxy Boxers

In case you're curious, this is me when I knit.  The husband jokes I'm Peg Bundy except I knit and eat chips instead of bonbons when watching my TV shows/listening to podcasts. "Oh, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!"


Coco said…
Great job Emmy, I love especially your sweater! Much love
Everything turned out daebak Emmy! Your family is so lucky that you're such a knitting and sewing whiz! I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear that beanie you sent me :D

Sorry to hear that something in your routine broke you out. I hate when that happens :( The bare bones approach is definitely the way to go until it clears up and then you can slowly add one item back at a time to figure out the culprit.
What a cute sweater! It looks so cute and cozy :)
Unknown said…
Lovely post!

Such a wonderful post! Have a great weekend.

Haha, how cute! I love what you've made Emmy! Yes, sometimes matching fabric takes a bit of time. You've inspired me to get back to sewing, as it's been a while. Happy Friday and don't forget to enter the giveaway! <3
Unknown said…
You need to sell those sweaters!!!!

Emma |
Unknown said…
This is so inspiring! I love the post:)
Vanessa said…
Love the behind-the-scenes of your knitting. The sweater is GORGEOUS :O I have got to learn to knit one day, it's just very hard for me to even cast on at the moment though, haha.
Aimee Bustillo said…
Love the sweater that you made and cute behind the scene spinets :)

Capturing Life Memoirs |
Marta said…
That sweater looks amazing, wouldn't mind having one myself!
rooth said…
LOL I love your knitting position, looks like the perfect hobby
Jane said…
LOL!! I love your knitting picture!! So so funny what your husband said. But that is an amazing sweater Em!!!
Look at you with the details in your sweater! Stripe in the middle. Fancy sleeve! Girl, I'm so proud of you :D Love the little cap for your daughter. That is too cute. HAHAHA about your hubby! You might as well open a shop Emmy! Open a shop! That last picture is killing me >.< And you are comfortable! That's when you know you can knit!
Ha! I love the hat, it's super cute!
"and it was an easy knit to boot". You kill me with your mad knitting skillz. I just simply don't understand it!
Charlotte said…
Good job! I love the sweater you made :)
Beauty Follower said…
Great sweater!!!!
Like your knitting style a ha ha!

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