Party at the back

Hand-me-down top from my mom worn with Banana Republic tank, Zara jeans, Ugg Australia Kay clogs

These clogs are sooooooo comfortable, you guys!


LL Cool Joe said…
I thought we'd see a photo of you in the clogs! It's always a bonus when shoes are comfortable as well as looking good.
Your clogs definitely look so comfy. I like the little details on your top, small details as those always makes me happy. Have a lovely rest of the week, Emmy.
Miu said…
How beautiful is this top?! You are looking great!
June said…
I'm loving your hair!! How have you been? Long time no see :)
That top is super cute! And your hair looks awesome :)
What a pretty top, and I love those clogs :)
Unknown said…
I used to have a pair of pink clogs when I was a little kid and seeing yours makes me want to get some again! I love them :) xox
Marta said…
Your top is so cool!
Elle Sees said…
will forever want your hair! love the back of this top.
Awesome that you got the clogs you've been wanting! And how lucky are you that you and your mom are the same size! My mom's tops are almost always crop tops on me ;p

I'm glad you're ok with my bluntness. I'm just at a point where I know what I like and don't like. I actually heard that Oh My Ghostess was pretty good but the horror genre isn't my cup of tea so I didn't watch it. I'm a scaredy cat :)
Wow... I'm surprised you are so splendid... Shoes too.. Kisses
Gorgeous top! I love a scoop neck and the details on the back are striking! Looks fab on you! Ok Emmy...rockin those clogs! They look good girl.
Imogen said…
I love tops with interesting backs, this one is super lovely.
Unknown said…
Wonderful look!
Have a nice week-end!
Gil Zetbase
nerline said…
Nice and simple. I love it!
Unknown said…
I love your clogs the color is so pretty and I rarely see clogs in this color. Great top too.

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