"It was red and yellow and green and brown and blue"."

The great thing about having multicoloured hair is that no matter what outfit I wear, there is bound to be a strand that will match it.

Title is from the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", which I honestly think has one of the wittiest librettos out there.

old Adidas jacket with Rainbow Bar shirt (from LA), jeans from Urban Outfitters, Vans sneakers

Right? Right.


Emmy, just like my lipsticks you wear ANY hair color well girl! OWN IT! WORK IT!
rooth said…
That blue is SO bright - I love it
Adam said…
Looks great, women usually can pull it off

Saw a guy at gamestop with mustard yellow hair. He didn't dye his small sideburns. He looked like a crackhead super saiyan
Vision By Mila said…
Hiiiii! Omg, I am WAY behind everything! I hope I can get back on track with blogging.. one day! :*
That's right, Emmy, you can definitely wear anything, and in any colour with your bright hair. I happen to love colour so I adore this look on you. Haha, loved that you mentioned ALW's lyrics, this former theatre designer salutes you! Happy Monday! x/M
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Your hair is like a technicolor dreamcoat, and I love it!

I always look forward to seeing what color your hair will be and it's always fab Emmy :D The blue is so vivid and fun! I was in the chorus for a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in middle school.
LMAO! The reference to super saiyan, I wonder how many got that? I love Dragon Ball!
Your hair looks ready for Spring, Emmy! Haha!
You hair is fantastic! And, it goes with everything!
Your hair is always on point and stunning. I love that you aren't afraid to play with it when styling.

Sharon said…
Hahaha, a crackhead super saiyan, that made me laugh
Sharon said…
I am in love with your hair! You always pull off the coolest combinations, I feel really boring compared to you with my unoriginal blonde hair haha
Unknown said…
I love your hair, I wish I could add multiple colors to my locs, but it’s nearly impossible. Those jeans are too cute, I need them
Love the bright colours, do you do your own hair, or do you go to a hairdresser?
Unknown said…
So pretty look!
Have a nice evening!
Gil Zetbase
Valerie said…
I absolutely love your hair! The different colors are amazing!

Chic Therapy said…
You are rocking this look! love it.
nerline said…
You are rocking these colors, girl! You look gorgeous.

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