You never forget your first.

This was the first sweater I've ever knitted...back in 2013 or 2014, I think. The stitches are twisted, the neckline did not fit properly that I had to cut the back collar...what can I say? It's not perfect. It's still one of my fave though, because it's soooo warm and well, it was my first:)

Do you have an item in your wardrobe that might not be the most fashionable thing but you still love?


Mica said…
It's such a cute jumper and you did so well to make it even if it had a few minor things you didn't like, you'd never tell from the pics, it looks so good on you :)

Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

Away From Blue
Ah but that is what your first, second third is all about--learning and improving. When I look at the photos I took two or three years ago I can see quite a difference and I can see how I improved. But that is what one does when they love what they do!

Allie of
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Even though this sweater isn't quite perfect (looks great to me), it still marks a very significant achievement for you so it makes sense why you love it chingu! And cheers to anything that is warm this time of year :) Hope you're over the food poisoning and feeling like yourself again <3
Sharon said…
I love it, it's so cute and looks so comfy and warm!

It's all about improvement in life, isn't it? It looks perfect to me already, though.
thexGlitterBox said…
First of all you had me with your title! Then your hair. Then you swooped in for the kill! You took a basic khaki sweater, added acid washed baggy jeans and uggs! Very cool and you now have my heart.

Thank you for changing my mind about khaki sweaters, thexglitterbox
LL Cool Joe said…
Looks cosy! I have several items of clothes that I've had for years that I still love which I just can't part with, but often wonder if people see me and think "God he's wearing that jacket again!". :D
Such a cozy outfit and you look so beautiful.

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Tim Meakin said…

I really enjoyed your blog. I am a regular reader of your post. Keep it up!
R's Rue said…
I love it. ❤️
FashionRadi said…
Love the sweater and the cool ripped jeans!
The sweater turned out so nice!
Hena Tayeb said…
Sometimes it's those imperfections that make it more perfect.
rooth said…
It looks VERY comfortable

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