The forgotten one

Out of all my knits, this shawl I made in 2016 is the one I've been wearing almost all the time during this winter, and I can't believe I haven't blog about it more often. I wear this shawl even to bed sometimes....sorry for not putting you on the spotlight more often, my friend!

Shawl I knitted using Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl pattern, UNIQLO pants, old Saks 5th sweater, Timberland boots
I love this pattern so much I actually made two of these shawls. I'll be blogging about that one, too:)

Do you have a constant companion when it comes to your outfits?


Makeup Muddle said…
Can't believe you made that one too! You'e so talented, it's so cute xo

Makeup Muddle
Ruth Josey said…
What great colors and patterns in this beautiful shawl - how talented you are! I love that it can be worn as a scarf or a wrap, too! I think you should make one of these and do a giveaway :P

I thought this shawl was fabulous the first time you showed it off here. Yes good call to put it back into heavy rotation :)
Mica said…
It is such a beautiful shawl you should definitely showcase it more often! :) I love the mix of colours! :)

Hope that your week is off to a great start! :)

Away From Blue
R's Rue said…
I love it. Wear it more.
This a lovely shawl, the patten is great and love the colors that you chose. Good job!

Allie of
iamperlita said…
It's so cool that you made you own! I love how it matches your hair :) Have a great week!

PerlaGiselle |

I can see why it is so beloved. I really love the shape of this, it's super flattering but I imagine very comforting and warm. It looks like it embraces you like a hug hehehehe!

Hena Tayeb said…
Oh wow.. that is a great shawl.. so many beautiful colors.
Gold Coast Girl said…
So fab!
This is such a fabulous design! I really love the colours and that bold pattern. Your style is always impressive.
the creation of beauty is art.
What a lovely shawl and the colour combination is so unexpected and marvellous, Emmy. I've heard of Stephen's shop, very cool. Love his stuff. <3 Enjoy the start to your weekend. xx

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