I'm getting used to this.

I don't understand why people think wearing a mask is an infringement of freedom.

Like...seriously...I see on social media all these peeps saying "Oh, you're just being a sheep.", or that "I've been around people and I haven't gotten sick.", or that "This is a free country. We can do what we like."

Well then, you shouldn't complain if stores kick you out for not wearing masks. Stores are free to do that, too!

I am seriously losing hope in humanity.

(Another benefit of always wearing a mask now: I don't have to wear makeup....bwahaha!)


Mica said…
You look cute in your mask, I like the print! :) Here we don't have to wear masks but we have much less transmission rates so I think that's why. I did try the DIY no sew masks a couple times to be prepared just in case but never wore them out. It's mandatory here if you're sick but other than that it's not a common sight.

I wouldn't have an issue wearing one if requested though! Mine wouldn't be as cute as yours!

Hope you are having a lovely week :)

Away From Blue
Oh to Be a Muse said…
These are people with so much privilege that they don't even realize what it's like to truly have your rights infringed upon. Your mask is super cute. I have a plain black one that I really like, but I might get another one with more designs on it.

new post: https://www.ohtobeamuse.com/2020/05/what-im-loving-quarantine-edition.html
R's Rue said…
You look so cute.
Kinga K. said…
You look super cute ❤
Chic Therapy said…
I agree with everything you said. I am seriously losing hope in humanity these days.
Adorable mask and thumbs up to the hat chingu ;p If I hear one more person comparing wearing a mask to oppression :( They obviously don't know what real oppression is. And if you don't want to wear a mask, don't get upset with me if I go to avoid you because of that. Our governor just signed an executive order today that authorizes businesses to deny entry to those who don't wear masks. I wear a mask even when I'm in my building doing the laundry or go down to get the mail.
I love your mask, I made some for us and our neighbours. So far everyone that we know wears masks. Uggh, it's heartbreaking to hear that some people still treat this virus as if it's completely gone. There will always be ignorant people in the world. I wish you a lovely weekend ahead. I've been actually swamped with work and trying to catch up on sleep, feels like I'm in a bubble. <3
AMEN. Thank you for saying that! I am also losing faith in humanity lately. Seeing pictures of massive crowds of people in parks. Having to stop people from coming into the elevator with me because they are refusing to social distance. Going grocery shopping every few weeks and having people brush against me to grab something off a shelf. So many people out there are not taking it seriously and have made this an issue of "rights." They would prefer to be comfortable and pretend nothing is happening than to prioritize the health and safety of the collective. (Sorry for the rant. I am just so tired of people not doing their part. I haven't been able to walk into my parents house for over two months and then there are people out there doing whatever they please! Sigh.) I think your mask looks great and I applaud you for wearing one. Thank you for doing your part and standing up for what is right! <3
Mrs. L said…
And also, if they do get sick, they'll wish they have worn a mask. You look cute and the mask print is too!

rooth said…
I've been trying to find a cute mask for awhile now - yours is adorable!
Adam said…
I don't mind the paper masks. The cloth ones can be a pain.
Your mask is really cute, we don't have to wear masks in the UK at the moment but a lot of people still are, there's still a lot of people not respecting the social distancing though, which really really annoys me.

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