It's brutal out there!

As someone who really love the hot weather, I really do look forward to summer. Lately, though, the heat warning makes it almost unbearable...almost:P

Topshop bathing suit, Gap shorts

Are you a summer person?


Mica said…
What a cute ombre swimsuit! :) I do like the heat more than the cold but I agree sometimes it can get a bit too warm in summer - and it can be hard to cool down, haha! At least in winter you can add more layers! Water is always a good idea to keep cool on a hot day!

Hope you have a nice weekend planned ahead of you! :)

Away From Blue
Loving all the pretty colors you have going on in your hair and swimsuit!!! It's been hot in NYC too but hasn't been too bad. I usually do better with the heat than the cold but I don't like humidity because that can make the heat really oppressive. Stay cool chingu <3
Adam said…
I am a complain about the hot weather or the cold weather person
That bathing suit is super cute and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! It looks so awesome. Also, I agree that the heat has been super overwhelming. My little air conditioner can't even keep up with it!
the creation of beauty is art.
Boris Estebitan said…
Como siempre, eres la reina de la elegancia.
Saludos desde El Blog de Boris Estebitan.
Sakuranko said…
Oh so cute photos darling
Makeup Muddle said…
Your outfit is so cute, I love that top! I was born in July but I haaaaaate the heat haha! I'm all about the cold weather, candles and blankets so the sooner fall comes the better :D xo

Makeup Muddle
LL Cool Joe said…
I love the hot weather, not that we get lots of it in the UK!

You and your daughter look cute. :)
Hena Tayeb said…
Love your swim suit.
Don't love it when it edges to 100 degrees but I like to embrace each season.. that's the benefit of living somewhere were there are four seasons.. by the time you are sick of one another one is right around the corner.
rooth said…
I'm 100% a summer person - cute swim suit!

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