Soooo....when I made the quilt for my daughter, my husband said..."Hey! Wouldn't it be nice if I have one too"...or something to that effect. So, what's a girl to do, right? (He also rarely asks for anything, so....yeah....:D) Advanced Merry Christmas gift to hubby it is!

For this quilt, I was inspired by the quilts of Gee's Bend.



This quilt is approximately 76" by 77". ..a lot bigger than what I made for my daughter!

This is what's called an improv quilt, which is basically not using any pattern and just kinda doing whatever you feel like, with a few parameters (like only using certain colours or shapes).

I also used a no-ruler method, whereby I just eyeballed everything and didn't bother being precise to really make it feel like an organic piece. 
(I made the mistake of thinking that the no-ruler method will be was not! )

I bought the batting from Michael's (middle part of the quilt sandwich) and a fat-quarter set from Walmart, but otherwise, all the fabric was from my stash or scraps from old projects. Yay for using scraps!

Behind the scenes:

using my "design wall" to put the blocks in as I finished piecing them

Trying to put the layers together...

....I ended up using the floor as the table was not big enough.

doing the actual quilting just using my basic Janome mechanical sewing machine with a walking foot (I looked so tired...LOLZ...I was)

The final step...the binding....

I was so tired of making this quilt, TBH, that I was just so glad it was done in the end! Not perfect for sure, but my husband likes it, so yay:)

Anyhoo...are you a fan of making things without any planning whatsoever? Do you like making things for presents?


ellie said…
Oh that is my kind of quilt! And he looks wonderful in it!

I have taken to watch a few Korean Movies on Vicki. The Senior Class (2016) is animated..but this one has some sex in it..I wasn't aware of that..but anyway, I really liked the script to this, for the most part. THE GOSSIP (2020) is oh so strange about this young student who comes to take care of this rich old fellow in a coma..but is he really in a coma? I liked this. My first time to really watch with Chani and he's such a natural. I saw him in a bit part in True Beauty he was part of the back story. It's also on Vicki. I am trying to finish up a Chinese drama that I thought was only 24 episodes..but it's actually 44. And of course, the K-Drama Dali & the Cocky Prince which all centers around an Art Museum. It had a great start. This has to be Kim Min Jae at his best. It's like he's been unleashed, and he can say and do whatever he wants which is rather refreshing.

Well, I have like 2 more bags to crochet. Let's hope I get that done this week. Thank you so much for reading my blog, and your wonderful comments. Yes, I have been doubling up, trying to get around to more characters during the holidays. More soon about Matty and Valentina.

I really liked seeing the behind the scenes of this quilt, too! I must remember the gloves❤ Happy Holidays������
rooth said…
What a lovely gift (labor of love, I think is what they call it)! He seems like he's very happy with it as well
Mica said…
You're so talented, this is a beautiful and huge quilt! What a nice gift for your husband! :)

Hope that you are having a good week :)

Away From The Blue
Hena Tayeb said…
Look at that happy face!
I'm sure I've said this before but you are so skilled and talented with your hands Emmy! I dunno but the quilt you put together sure looks amazing to me (like what imperfections?!) and your hubby looks super satisfied. I bet he will feel the warmth of your love and care every time he uses it too. I kind of got away from crafts but it's something I really want to get back into. I do really enjoy wrapping presents and finding creative ways to make them look pretty this time of year.

P.S. SHK and LDW is like the dream pairing I've been dying for ;p
Oh my goodness. What a wonderful Christmas gift! I love how the quilt turned out...but what I love most of all is how happy he looks holding the quilt. You definitely put a lot of time, effort, and love into it and it shows. So glad this will be appreciated and loved for years to come <3
This is such a gorgeous project. I love seeing things getting a makeover. Looks gorgeous. well done. Your husband looks super happy with the gift and I am sure he is super proud of you too.
Lovely said…
This is a beautiful quilt! You are so talented!
What a fun quilt! I've always wanted to make one, but then I talk myself out of it...
Oh wow this came out so good! I love the colors on the bright side and the photo of hubby wrapped in the quilt LOVE! You did a great job with this. Have a great holiday!! : )

Allie of
Girl, I couldn't stitch two squares! LOL My grandmother sewed beautifully but that gift wasn't passed to my mom or I. HaHaHa Great job! LOL at your hubby.

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