Inspiration: #Loish

 I've been a huge fan of Lois Van Baarle, or simply known as Loish, for awhile now. She's an amazing Dutch digital artist who has worked for Lego, Guerrilla Games and Coca-Cola.I just started supporting her on Patreon , where she shares a lot of tutorials and more art work:)

Her work has been such an inspiration...something about her art work just speaks to me, probably because she was influenced a lot growing up by The Little Mermaid, and that is one of my all-time favourite Disney films!

I constantly turn to her two books, The Art of Loish and The Sketchbook of Loish. She also has a third one coming out soon:)

Here are samples of her works (from her website):

 Even though I'm a traditional artist and Loish's work is digital, I tend to do do a lot of studies of her works, mainly in my art journal:)
I did this with watercolour, colour pencils and aquapastels from the Jane Davenport line.

same as above:)
I've decided to dabble with digital art, using an old drawing tablet from my middle child. I won't bother sharing my stick figures for now, but fingers crossed, I can get the hang of it. LOLZ... The learning curve is pretty steep for me!

Who has been inspiring you lately?


ellie said…
Such amazing artwork! Beautiful! Oh, so great to see you in this mode. So delightful. I'm afraid I just can't pick it up much anymore. But I do try to dabble in something. You are truly inspiring. I have seen some of this artist's books at our library.

Hope you are having warmer days! It was so nice yesterday the ice cream man drove by. Naturally, I was out there with others wanting something. Of course, the prices are higher than ever before. I ended up giving a few extra bucks to the guy for gas. I had ice cream for breakfast this morning. Something I have done before. But don't worry I won't make it a habit.
Wow. Her work is truly incredible. I especially love the fourth piece. It is so moving and powerful. I can absolutely understand why you are so inspired by her style. It really is so compelling!
the creation of beauty is art.
Her work is beautiful and has such a winsome and charming quality! I love how she does different types of scenes and her signature style still comes through. I can totally see how you would be inspired by her art. My husband has been trying his hand at digital art and he really enjoys the work of Ergo Josh who also happens to have the loveliest speaking voice ;p
Mica said…
I can see why she inspires you, she creates lovely pieces! As do you! I like your watercolour versions of her illustrations! :)

And good luck with digital illustrating too! It's fun you are trying new things to showcase your creativity. When my laptop died a while back I got a new one that's got a fancy stylus and I tried to use it to sign something digitally - ha! Gave up and just typed my name instead as man those things are tricky to use! definitely a learning curve!

Hope that your week is off to a good start! :)

Away From The Blue
Sakuranko said…
Oh wow beautiful and amazing work darling
Her drawings are so dreamy! I can see where she was inspired by The Little Mermaid. Emmy, I love your drawing (blue hair). It is so pretty! You are so talented. I love that you're always teaching yourself new things. It helps you to grow. So many people don't do that. We all should. You know I like foodie things, so sculpture Peter Anton is my inspiration.
Oh da soll es so schön sein! Da kommt meine Oma her 🙂
Muss ich auch unbedingt mal hin!

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