My top three fashion inspiration books

These are the ones I turn to the most when I want to get some style inspiration....ahem...not that I follow them all the time. I do try....if not in physical appearance, then at least in spirit.

#1 Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange

My  latest acquisition but it has become my bible already (does that sound blasphemous?). Just great all around especially if you are obsessed with Paris. Ines has a great sense of humour that comes across clearly in the book. Although some of her suggestions are quite general (ie. mix cheap and chic), her list of stores and places to go in Paris really makes this book amazing. I've discovered some great finds here (ie. Kerstin Adolphson). I've only been to Paris once but do plan to return someday. When I do, this will be my guide book.

PS. I also love the pics of her daughter. Tres chic!

#2 I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks

Great pictures! Wonderful prose. I love how she defines style into Definable (Classic, Bohemian, Minimal) and Indefinable (High Fashion, Street, Eclectic), and then proceeded to show some awesome pics of icons who embody what she was writing about.

#3 The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

Love his blog. Love his book. I thumb through this book for a quick dose of fashion eye candy.


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