Express @ The Fairview Mall

Hubby, myself and the little one decided to go to Fairview Mall today while the boys were in school. What was happening there, you might ask? Why...the opening day of Express, of course. To be honest, I thought they had already opened. It was just perfect timing, I guess.

This is their first store in Canada, and I'm really glad they picked Fairview coz it's very accessible where I live:P I've shopped in Express before, specifically the one in Buffalo (New York) and I really like their stuff. They always have a great collection season after season, and the prices are mostly reasonable.

Here are some pics I took with the phone.

Really love their sequined jackets!
The layout is pretty good and the store size is quite substantial. The fall collection is TDF. I didn't take a pic of this killer red suit that they have, but trust me when I say it is very very nice. I would have gotten it, but it really would have just sat in my closet, and it was out of my budget.

Hubby ended up getting me one item. The price was not too bad because I received their catalogue in the mail and it had a discount card. Yay. This is what I picked...
faux fur sweater- luv!
"Once I get bigger, this is mine."

I am now officially on a shopping ban until December.

What I wore today (another variation of my "uniform"):
Bench jacket, H&M shirt, talula leggings from Aritzia, Roots chukka boots, LV Speedy bag

Have a great weekend, everyone:)


Cookie said…
you have amazing shoes!

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Emmylou said…
Thank you so much:)

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