Our weather matched the kind of day I was having. As they say, however, always have a smile on your face. It really does help:)
Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt, Joe's Jeans jeggings, Michael Kors rain boots, LV Neverfull bag

I normally would not wear jeggings with a short shirt, but this one is lose enough not to look too awkward proportion-wise.

And look what I found today:
Isn't it adorable? I was going to get it for the little one, but she's still too young (and really...it would just have been me playing with it).
Why didn't you get it, mommy? I'm too cute not to get my way.
I hope all  you guys are having a better day and weather wherever you are. :)


  1. Emmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, what it would be of me without your kindness? Thank you so much for your comment in my blog! Well, I think my days are not better than yours but YES, a big smile on my face help la lot!!!! hahhah

    Awnnn... I'm loving you baby girl!

    Kisses to you and A BIG AND SPECIAL KISS TO HER!!!

    ps.: oh, your bag!!!!

  2. Hey Cris:) You always me laugh...and your post about that comment just really surprised me so I had to say my piece! All the best, dahling!

  3. I want those fashion dolls!!! LOL... now how can you resist that look on the lil one, eh?... like the shirt!:p

  4. heehee...it was hard to resist her:P

  5. the little sweet girl made me go AWWWW, she's soooo cute!


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