I love pairing stuff that are opposite each other, like this feminine top with a masculine pants.
top given by my mom, cargo pants from Aritzia, Jeffrey Campbell Kristen pumps

 I love these shoes because they truly are very comfortable. Kinda reminds me of dancing shoes. You can jiggy in them the whole night. (That's right. I said "jiggy".)


Shoe Belle said…
that's it, strike a pose LOL... melikey the top:p
Fashion Pie said…
awhh shes really pretty! and i love your outfit and you heels! :)

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Emmylou said…
Thank you for the sweet comment:)
Clara Turbay said…
You have a cool blog and i´d like you check out mine and follow me if you really like.

Bang and Buck said…
you look great hon. cute smile.


Bang & Buck
Vision By Mila said…
I figured I never checked your blog, I mean older posts.. look at you sexy mama!

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