H&M and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I kinda freaked out when I read in Fashion Magazine's blog that H&M has collaborated with Trish Summerville for a Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-inspired collection coming out in December (She's the costume designer for David Fincher's movie version.). I have not seen the original (with Noomi Rapace), but the book trilogy is on my reading list and am also eagerly awaiting for Fincher's version.

Look how amazing the collection looks:
image from guardian.co.uk
I might have to save up to get the entire collection.

What do you guys think?


I love this collection!
Love the edgy look.

Emmylou said…
I think the pants are my fave. Can't wait for these.:)
Shoe Belle said…
Was just reading about that too!!! How bad-ass is that collection, eh? Melikey!:)
GIAA said…
OMG this looks awesome, way better than Versace for H&M!!

Emmylou said…
I know, eh? I think it's a better collection than some of H&M's collaboration with famous designers!
beautiful collections, sooo love them all!!! sexy and gorgeous styles... love love love!!! kissess!!!!


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This is being so underrated because of the Versace collection, by my opinion is that THIS is the collection that should be being celebrated. Such fantastic looks + silhouettes. Pieces that can be mixed and matched with so much + timeless colors xx
Emmylou said…
I totally agree! There's too much hype on the Versace one.
I know this is pretty awesome! I love all the looks.
Fasali said…
is it wrong to say I'm way more excited about this collection than the h&m one? ha!


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