Oprah Winfrey and Aging

If there's one person in this world I would like to meet the most, it would have to be Oprah Winfrey. Not only has she accomplished so much in terms of her career, she also empowers people through her work.

This blog post is inspired by her Lifeclass show on Aging. If you get the time, please watch it. It is truly very inspiring (along with the other episodes).

I am 36 years old...born in 1975, the year of the Rabbit. I have less kids than Angelina Jolie, but more than Drew Barrymore (who are both my age:P)

Some people say I dress too young for my age. Because of my lifestyle and my height (I'm 5-ft. tall.), perhaps, I do tend to go for the younger, more "casual" look. I can't run around, unfortunately, in high heels and nice suits. If I do, I would probably trip and fall on my behind within 5 minutes. Bottom line, the way I dress makes me happy. (That's a good thing about aging...you stop caring what other people think.:P)
Aritzia pants and sweater, Topshop tank top, Ugg Classic boots
If there's one thing that truly stood out for me in Oprah's teachings, it is this: "Own your own life." She has often said that we should not live our life the way society expects us to. In fashion, I truly believe that we should dress in whatever way makes us happy, and not in the way that people tell us to.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


Shoe Belle said…
Amen! (ie. as long as you stay fashionable and not date; otherwise, hello WNTW... LOL)
Loving her Lifeclass too!
Emmylou said…
Hey, even if u date, it'll always come back and u can just say you're ahead of your time:P
Ellie said…
First of all, 36 is young! You do not dress too young for your age. You have amazing style..I say you should rock it!

Have a great day :)
Unknown said…
I love Oprah! she is amazing!

love from San Francisco,
Emmylou said…
I know, eh? She's so inspiring. And Ellie, you are such a sweetie. Thank you for that comment:)

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