New in...but not really...

I received this from my sister-in-law (thanks, L). It was only used once or twice, and when she offered it to me, I couldn't say no.
Lululemon bag

Lookie! It fits all my crap!

I love that it looks like real leather, minus the new leather smell:P

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Lysol said…
Glad you like the "leather" like almost newest Always here to add to your collection! :)
Joanne Hegarty said…
Lucky you ! Nice sister..

Emmylou said…
TY again, L:)
Thanks for the comment, Joanne. She's actually my hubby's sis.
Shoe Belle said…
that was nice of her:p
Jen Umm said…
what a lovely bag
great post!
I so love the colour! Have a great week. <3<3
Emmylou said…
Thanks for the comments, ladies:) Much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Woah that bag is gorgeous. Such a lovely sister to have found something so nice and managed to snaffle up a pair for ya ^_^ Im very conscious of animal welfare so I love how this is faux =)

urbanrhetoric said…
i love giving away my things...besides finding a new home, i am positive that i am accumulating good karma points. enjoy that lovely bag + happy thanksgiving!

Emmylou said…
Thanks, everyone. And totally agree about the good karma:)

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