Christmas Photo Diary

Hope everyone had a lovely celebration this weekend.:)

I would just like to share some pics taken on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Every year, it's tradition that we go to church on the 24th, and have a small dinner afterwards. The big Christmas Dinner happens on the 25th.

Getting ready...

decoration in our church

He was sleeping the whole time as it was past his bedtime...

wearing a no-name red coat, Zara dress, Wolford tights, DV by Dolce Vita boots

wearing a dress form Urban Outfitters and leggings from Urban Planet

the little one with my mom

Did you guys get what you wanted from Santa this year?


Sofie said…
sooooooooooo cute!! merry christmas :) ♥
Your kids are adorable! Happy Christmas and New Year! Kisses! <3<3
MrsBitchface said…
awww love your litlle-u coat!!! love it!!!!! un my case, we do it like you, the big day is 25th
love these pictures, it really looks you have had so fun!!

Emmylou said…
Thanks, ladies:) Merry Christmas!
Elly said…
So cute! Looks super fun! :)
SEDG said…
So beautiful!! I love the leopard prints. Cute cute cute.
Ellie said…
This looks like a fantastic Christmas! Your children are adorable. I'm pretty sure I say that with every comment, but they are just too cute.

Hope you have a great day!
.sabo skirt. said…
Lovely pictures! Your kids were so cute.

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
Jax said…
Very cute pictures! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Elle Sees said…
adorable babies! i'm glad you had a good christmas. i did too. new follower alert!
Emmylou said…
Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone. The kids do know how to work it:P
FashionMoto said…
you're kids are adorable and cute!
i love your daughter's leopard boots! ^_^

nice blog you have in here, hopefully we can follow each other! ^_^
Your daughter is a little fashionista. I love her little cheetah booties. You have a beautiful family.


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