Influence: Gib (John Cusack)

If there is a fashion-related job that I would kill to have, it would probably be costume designer for a film or TV show. I think this job would best combine what I love in the world:fashion, celebrities and research:P. A character (to me) on screen is not only defined by what s/he does, but also by what s/he wears.

On that note, one of the most beloved characters on film whose fashion I truly loved is Gib from the film The Sure Thing. There's nothing better than John Cusack in the 80's, and Gib is (I think) of the best slacker heroes out here. His uniform of a beat-up leather jacket, military pants and Converse sneakers defined his character, and they still look great even now. Kudos to the costume designer Durinda Wood for an awesome job on this.

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Some would say that they prefer Daphne Zuniga's look on this film much better. I have to admit that her look is too preppy  for me. My sister ShoeBelle, however, would look great on the clothes Ms.Zuniga wore:) Her style is more classic. If you haven't done so, check out her blog.

Have you guys seen the film? I highly recommend it:)


MrsBitchface said…
i didn't see this film!!! but i agree totally with you dream of job!! i'm studying journalism and mass media, and hope work on the production for tv, and that section of designs, gosh, would be a good idea!

Elly said…
ohh I would love to be a fashion stylist for a TV show :) it seems so fun!
EMI COCO said…
Lovely post! I suppose it would be fun to be a costume designer for a tv show, but I'm way more into couture design, ha! :)

Shall we follow each other?

MrsBitchface said…
hey what's up?? what about golden globes red carpet?? i felt so dissappointed :( (AS EVERY YEAR) hahahaha
Cliff Tuna said…
Hahahaha seriously your header photo is full with happiness and fun awwww :')

Diana said…
i agree -- costume director for tv would be a dream job! i have not seen this yet but i am always looking for a good flick! will have to check it out :) xo
I love how differently you see things. I used to love this movie, but never really thought about any of the fashion:)

I haven´t seen it! I will check it! Kisses <3<3
Emmylou said…
Thanks for all the comments, guys:) You won't regret seeing this movie.
Erica said…
ahhh John Cusack. Classsic.
Anonymous said…
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