My kids always ask why am I wearing rubber pants when I wear these...I tellz pants are so misunderstood:P

gifted Nicole Miller cardi, West 49 shirt,  H&M/Dragon Tattoo Collection leggings, Kors Michael Kors rain boots

Happy Thursday, everyone:)


Style-Delights said…
LOL..ur kids are funny! I love these "rubber pants"!
MrsBitchface said…
hey!! you look so perfect!!! your boys rock!!! and what about that little princess??? A celebrity, want her outfit!!!
Love the outfit! Even the rubber pants ;) haha
Kdotorg said…
You have killer style! And your kids are just the cutest :)
Emmylou said…
You guys are too sweet. Thank you so much:)
Shoe Belle said…
Rubber schmubber! LOL... love that peek of the leopard booties on the first pic!:p
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I have pants just like these and I love too. Actually just wore them yesterday. And I love your header every time I visit your's too cute!
MrsBitchface said…
love your boots!!! where are they from??
Elle Sees said…
i love your kids! they are adorable. and your baby in her coat again!!! *dies*
Stella said…
I love your hairstyle!
EMI COCO said…
Lovely post!

Shall we follow each other? I'm following you.

Rory said…
I DEF follow yuo glad to have found your blog! follow me back? :D
katymitten said…
Oh such cute photos. And how adorable is the little one, with her shoes! Amazing.
Danielle Barbe said…
haha you are one stylish, fabulous mama!
Fashion to Go said…
Oh kids... I was once asked by my little cousin why my legs were black (I was wearing opaque stockings) haha

Anyways, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog and have a wonderful weekend!
LOL, you look like the coolest mom ever. One day, they will appreciate this:)

Killer leggings! And your kiddos are adorable!
June said…
You're looking fab in the rubber pants :P Love your outfit!
Elizabeth said…
Psh I love your pants! And your hair is amazing!

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