What's up with your pants?

People always think I'm wearing pyjamas when I wear these pants, which make me want to wear them even more...bwahaha!
Coincidence and Chance harem pants, Zara shirt, H&M jacket, DV by Dolce Vita booties

Happy Manic Monday, everyone:)


Elle Sees said…
I love your flair for fashion!
Unknown said…
Hey you look pretty ! very nice blog! i think that maybe we can follow each other (fb, blogger...) come to see my blog and tell me =)
Disturbed Style said…
Great blog! I love your photos :)
They do look so comfy. They also look great on you.

simply h² said…
Love that jacket!

MrsBitchface said…
hahahahaha so fun your text! i love them!! wear the always, and fuck what they think!

Very edy combo! Love your jacket! Have a lovely week <3<3
Amazing pants; anything that looks like pyjamas to random people is a definite yes in my eyes! <3
Ellie said…
I love the pants. They're perfect paired with those shoes! Hope you have a great day!
Andrea said…
Cool idea to pair a fitted leather jacket with slouchy trousers.
Sofie said…
cute pics, love your trousers! ♥

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