This is a very basic outfit, but one of my faves, just because everything is comfortable. It also falls under my criteria of "can I run in this if I'm in a disaster movie?"...teehee....I'm such a nerd!
no-name cardi I've had forever, Hot Topic sweater, Coincidence and Chance pants from Urban Outfitters, Doc Martens boots

Have a great weekend, everyone, and Advanced Happy Easter as well! Any plans?


Funny sweater dear, I love it!
Have a happy Easter!! yeahhh great excuses to taste a chocolate bunny ;)

xoxo from M√ľnchen
La Vie Quotidienne
Emmylou said…
Thanks, my dear:)
momto8 said…
a fun outfit!
Happy Easter!
Cute-especially love the furry jacket. Hope you have a great Easter weekend with the little ones :) xx
Ceciliette said…
can I run in this if I'm in a disaster movie? HAHAHHAHAAHAAH you made me laugh so hard!!!!

My plan.. eat loads of chocolate!
Elle Sees said…
that made me think of Zombieland....ad fave movie of mine and filmed near where i grew up.
Wida said…
Very cute! No, I'm a very boring person so no plans quite yet!

Missing Amsie Blog
NaNa said…
Loving the cardigan of yours! and the pants are pretty cool too <3

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo
I really love that cardi! <3
Sofie said…
Love the furry sweater ! ♥
his_girl_friday said…
Sometimes it's important to be able to run!
rooth said…
Yep - you can run. That's why I don't wear heels. And the fact that I can't walk in them at all. :)
Unknown said…
Happy Easter Emmy, hope you & your family are having a great time! I like your take on outfits it's always so cool, fun, edgy, & effortless!
Clara Turbay said…
love the way you show your style.
Emmylou said…
Thank you all for taking the time to comment. Yes, running...very important:)
I really love this post :)

Can you follow my blog?? http://www.saltosdecristal.com/

I will folow you back :)

Please! :)


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