I'm such a ding-a-ling. I've had this dress for years, and never realized that the blue is graduated. I bought it because of the stripes, and I'm a sucker for stripes!

Old Navy dress, Jolie cardi from Aritzia, no-name leggings from Winners

my beaten-up H by Hudson booties (PS: I don't know how that white paint got there.)

Have a great weekend, everyone:) Anything planned?


you look stuning darling :)
Heaven said…
Nice shoes :)

I invite you to
Ceciliette said…
hahahah i have a bunch of stained cloth, wich i don´t know how they got there really.. a fashion mistery!

Oh to Be a Muse said…
I love that the shoes have paint on them but you're still rockin' them. I'm sure they are super comfortable.

Great ombre top!

Giveaway on my blog to win your own customized blog shirt!
rooth said…
Cutest booties - even with the white paint!
momto8 said…
love your boots!! you always look great!!
happy friday!
Emmylou said…
Thanks, ladies:) You're all too nice!
Deidre said…
I love the sweater! It looks so warm and comfy.
Love this outfit & the subtle ombre on the dress is lovely!
Hehehe I have no idea what's about this white paint, but now I'm intriged!
Love your navy dress! looks so comfy and perfect!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne
NaNa said…
i like your booties =) thanks for sharing your post hun !

love from the NANA girls xoxo
Love your little boots :) xx
Clara Turbay said…
It´s a very special place for fashion and trends!
.sabo skirt. said…
Cool hairstyle! And your dress looks cute!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
Love your dress :) I also LOVE stripes. They are so effortless and versatile!

his_girl_friday said…
I really love those shoes.
Gabi Barbará said…
Love this cardigan!!! really cute!

xoxo from Brazil,
Gabi Barbará
Kris said…
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Kristina (
Kris said…
Thanks! :) I was wondering if you would like to follow each other's blogs?
I just thought it would be really great to have a new blogger friend like you.
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Kris said…
Thank you so much. I am following you back, too. Happy blogging! :)
teresweetstyle said…
greaaat photos honey, i didn't see them yet :P


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