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 Random things I'm really into lately...:)
Shades of Grey Trilogy
Readers either truly love or hate this series. I'm obviously in the former group...I am Twilight Mom after all:)

Have you guys seen this SNL parody of the books/Amazon? H-I-L-A-R-I-T-Y!!! (Warning:NSFW)

     Topshop satchel I bought a year ago. Have been using this a lot lately as it's the perfect size for my daily use.

The new Maroon 5 single Payphone...oh...em...gee. I'm obsessed! Best part of the song:
If "Happy Ever Afters" did exist,
I would still be holding you like this
Sam Fine's Basics of Beauty DVD (I love Sam Fine, and this DVD is da bomb!) He's an awesome makeup artist!

The healthiest snack ever:P Must...stop....eating....

This makes a regular popcorn super awesome!
Have a great weekend, everyone!!! And as usual, please do tell what you guys are currently loving!


Chelsea Finn said…
That topshop satchel is so cute! I love it! And I've never read those books before, although I've heard a lot about it!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth
Diana de Belen said…
Thanks for visiting my blog my dear. Wanna ask something about the book? Have you read it? How was it? :D
Emmylou said…
I've read the first two books...both in one day! I'm reading another book before the last Shades one just to give myself a break:) I really do like it...heehee...Thanks for commenting, girls:)
Just came across your blog and love it! Hope you will visit mine too. Let me know if you want to follow each other!
Shoe Belle said…
Love that satchel!... That song is catchy... Will have to try that popcorn seasoning and yes, Cheetos rule! haha
Sick by Trend said…
Cheetos!!!! ├▒am

Men Trend said…
Great post! Thanks for sharing!
Allison said…
OK, all I hear about is 50 Shades, which makes me feel so behind on my reading material. I need to start this book ASAP!!!! And I love that bag! Too cute!
Unknown said…
First of all, I adore the brown satchel it's just beautiful! I need to get on the bandwagon for 50 shades of grey because everyone including my friends are reading it..would definitely check out the Maroon 5 video because I love Adam & I totally agree that popcorn flavors make it amazing..
After seeing those cheetos made me hungry!
Heheheh... "the healthiest snack".
Rakel said…
great post!
Vision By Mila said…
I'm interested in that DVD, sounds cool and I'm sure I'd find interesting new things.. and I'm eating puffs as we speak.. but since it's Sunday, a "treat" is ok..
rooth said…
I am obsessed with that Maroon 5 song too. Sigh, WHY!?
teresweetstyle said…
i really love popcorns :P
nice to meet your blog honey!

Anonymous said…
awesome post!!
wanna follow each other dear :) ?

check my blog or follow sometimes
just comment for followback :)

and also follow my Bloglovin i'll follow u back said…
I really need to read those books, I've been hearing so much about them and the parody was really funny on SNL. That satchel is so adorable too, it was so fun looking through all of these pics

Valery said…
Great bag!
love chips haha, i know that flavour its a realy nice one nom nom nom.

EMA said…
The topshop satchel is fabulous!
EMA said…
I love the topshop satchel and it is so roomy too!
Love the topshop bag! Timeless!
love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D
NaNa said…
Payphone is an awesome song. Very addictive ~

Love from the NaNa girls xoxo
Heather said…
I haven't read the books but I do like all those popular books like the hunger games, maybe I should give them a try haha!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Love cheetos puffs and the satchel. Two of my friends are reading 50 Shades, but I just can't get into it. But the SNL clip sounds funny.
Elle Sees said…
I love all of the picks!
Thelma Frayne said…
That Topshop bag is gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I've been hearing so much about that book...just need to get past my psych book before I can actually get enjoyment from reading in my spare time again!

True Queen

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