For those endless summer nights

Now that summer weather has taken over North America (most days anyway), I thought I'd post my favourite beauty products for the hot days:)

Eucerin Moisturizer with SPF (a must) and Aquaphor Lip Repair


My daily makeup: nothing too heavy coz there's nothing worse than heavy makeup and sweat combined! (The Body Shop Blush Trio Shade in Warm Sunset, Quo Brow Focus in Brunette, Garnier BB Cream)

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer to combat the frizz (which is always a battle for me)

Versace Bright Crystal Perfume (a great light scent for the summer)

What are your favourite summer products? Do tell:)


  1. I've never tried Bumble and Bumble but heard really good things. Worth the price?

  2. I've never tried Versace Bright Crystal, I will have to find it next time I'm perfume shopping and have a smell :D

  3. Great products, I also use some eucerin products & I love bright crystal its one of my favorite perfumes!

  4. Thanks for commenting, ladies:)

  5. Hello!!! I did a similar post to yours with my summer treats!!!
    it's here:
    ciao :)

  6. Gotta have the SPF! I love B&B salt spray too!

  7. are those hair products good? never tried.. I just bought a light Garnier BB cream, seems to actually be good, I'm soon gonna go for Armani "Aqua di Gioia" and recently got a Nivea 30 SPF sun lotion.. but soon enough I'll go to a pharmacy and buy some derma-cosmetics (oh, the joys of a dry skin!).. but during summer, not too much make-up..

  8. I also use Eucerin and Aquaphor! I know you're a fan of BB creams, but I've never tried that Garnier skin renew. Is it awesome?

  9. Great picks. I make my own bumble and bumble that I'll share soon

  10. @Cheryl, the Garnier BB Cream is awesome:) I recommend it!

  11. I want to try that perfume!

    My fave Is my moisturizer the same one you use but it comes in a green tube :)

  12. Thanks for sharing your summer must-haves.
    I gotta try that BB cream.


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