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I had another kids-free day on the weekend, and took advantage of it by doing some shopping.

Here's the haulage:
Lush R&B hair moisturizer with sample of a shampoo bar

2 shorts from H&M that were on sale

Steve Madden Pembrook suede booties in Taupe (ON SALE TOO!!!!)

Look at all the freebies from Steve Madden!
The original plan was to get summer sandals. What can I say? Must really stop this unhealthy obsession with ankle booties! I don't know why I'm stuck on this type of shoes, what with the warmer weather coming soon...sigh....these Pembrooks are so pretty though, aren't they?:P

Anyhoo, hope everyone's having a great week so far:)


  1. You definitely do love a good pair of ankle booties! That Lush hair moisturizer sounds awesome!

  2. Yay for summer shorts - I've started collecting them in all different colours this summer. Target baby - $18!

  3. Emmy,

    I am on the hunt for summer shorts ESP jeans one. I am so happy you found them on sale. That's always a plus!!

    I love your ankle boots too!!

  4. Guys, these shorts were soooo cheap. The denim was $10, and the orange one was $5!!!

  5. I love every piece you bought and now I want shopping too!

  6. nice post!

  7. Those shorts are great too =)

  8. Hi dear you did a good shopping!!i like ankle boots,another day you can buy the sandals :P
    I invite you to visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other.

  9. Looks like you got some awesome things, Emmy!! Love the shorts!

  10. I love those ankle boots. :D
    p.s.: I really love your hairdo.:)


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