New in...winning!

OMG! I'm not really the type of person who wins a lot of stuff (ahem...still waiting for my big lotto win!), so when Cheryl of Oh To Be A Muse blog informed me that I won her $100 Shopbop giveaway, I was super excited!

Let me tell you how super quick and easy everything was:
-July 2nd- Cheryl informed me I won.
- July 4th- Got my item!

Anyhoo, can you guess what it is?

Joe's Jeans Heaven Flat Booties
 Yes....I know....I can't help it. I have booties-obsession problem....but look how pretty they are! These booties were originally an Olivia Palermo-pick on another site, and lo and behold, they were on sale at Shopbop. I was meant to have them....meant, I tellz yah! (insert evil laugh here)

Look who likes them too:P
Anyhoo, just want to take this opportunity to thank Cheryl again, not only for the giveaway, but just for being a really cool blogger who, even with her huge readership, still takes the time to connect with her followers.:)


I won a pair of earrings in a giveaway last week, but I haven't receved them yet. :-)
Ann said…
Lucky you!
Enjoy the weekend.
rooth said…
BALLER! Your daughter is ALREADY stealing your clothes and she can't even fit into them yet... you are in trouble
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Yay! So glad to see what you got! I can't believe the booties arrived so quickly, but that is awesome because they are super cute and so you!

And thanks for the sweet words, Emmy! <3
momto8 said…
oh good for you!! congrats on the win!
Shoe Belle said…
Niiice! The win and the boots and the lil who's probably wishing it's hers!:) hehe
charlene chiong said…
hi pretty! nice blog! :-) I hope we can follow each others blog.. let me know :-) I'd really be glad :-)
Unknown said…
Love the boots! Lucky, lucky you :)

Ceciliette said…
how many times i've already comment about your boots ha? Well love this ones too!
Sick by Trend said…
Congrats on the win!

Emmylou said…
Thanks, guys:) It was great to win something:P
Thelma Frayne said…
Oooooh congrats- what a nice giveaway too! Love the boots, good choice x

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