I heart you!

This is a new fave shirt. Soft like it's been washed a hundred times, and it has hearts! Really...how can you go wrong with anything that has hearts?
top from Urban Outfitters, no-name skirt I've had for about 12 years, Jeffrey Campbell Rumble booties

Wishing everyone an awesome day:)


Elle Sees said…
haha she's too precious
rooth said…
Emmy that is such a cute top. And your littlest always manages to crack me up.
Oh to Be a Muse said…
So funny, because one of my hubby's favorite shirts has a big heart on it. I guess you can't go wrong with that!
Vision By Mila said…
I've got no heart shirts.. hmm.. let's see, maybe there will be some findings during my holiday..
MrsBitchface said…
totally agree!! hearts are the best options!!

Unknown said…

You look great and I agree you can't go wrong with hearts!!

p.s. I am loving your boots!
Unknown said…
Great pics!!!


Shoe Belle said…
Agree about the hearts, and love the outtake! Too funny!
Pam said…
That outtake made me laugh! That expression and body language seems to say, "oh...she's at it again..." The head tilt really makes it. *love* it!
Josie said…
Haha love the out-take, too cute! Your boots are so lovely as well xxx
Veronica Yudina said…
Amazing blog! Really love it!))
Following you now)) Maybe we can follow each other, dear?
International giveaway in my blog! Win a dress of your choice!

The heart top is so precious! Love the colors. :D
I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on: http://the-wandering-heart.blogspot.com
Lots of love! <3
Unknown said…
Hey Emmy, I'm so loving your shirt..it looks great & your daughter is super cute!
You daughter is so cute, and I love your booties
Allison said…
I agree the hearts make the top awesome!! And your daughter once again steals the photo! haha!
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