This is just a super basic outfit, but what makes it special is the super duper awesome shirt!
shirt from Fan Expo Toronto, Levi's jeans, Doc Martens

I feel very Kirsten Stewart in this outfit, minus the pretty face and the cheating on RPatz (because Rob, I would never cheat on you!)

Toodles, everyone, and have an awesome Friday:) To those in North America, have a great long weekend!


Vision By Mila said…
minus the cheating, but plus the pretty face :)
Bow Tied Beauty said…
Love the top, great casual look :) x
rooth said…
That's definitely an AWESOME shirt Emmy!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I really like the shirt. It reminds me of my Darth Vader tee! And you're prettier than K-Stew, duh.
Ceciliette said…
so.. you're really a comic lover!!!!
Anonymous said…
You're hair is amazing! I love the laid back look.
Josie said…
Guuuurl you do have a pretty face! There's not enough words to describe my love for that shirt, I absolutely love Batman, like too much! xxx
Beauty Follower said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cris said…
Rob, we never will cheat you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello there, Emmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sorry for the big delay in coming here and writing to you! well, my sick face is the same and I'm pretty tired, but fine! And you have reason about your t-shirt!!! It rocks!!!

Kisses to you and your family!!! How is the pretty little fashionista?
Cris said…
How great is wake up in the morning (here in Brazil is 8:15 am)and read your amazing message!!! Would I be stupid is I said that your message moved me?! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Allison said…
hahah...I love it- K.Stew- on earth could anyone cheat on R. Patz?????? And your face is gorgeous, by the way!
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