Top Five Movies For Fashion-Inspiration

I know this has been done to death, but I haven't yet, so here goes:)....

My top five fashion-inspiration movies:

5) Reality Bites: Because I loved everything Winona wore in this movie, and would wear them today in a heartbeat.

 4) Rent: Each actress/actor has a specific item that s/he wore throughout the film (ie. a leather jacket, a scarf), and I love that. I think a piece of clothing or accessory helps define a character, and sometimes, even in real life:P

3) Amelie: Audrey Tatou's Amelie became such an icon when the film came out, and for a reason. Not only is the movie enchanting, Amelie's look is very French, with its I-wish-have-it "je ne sais quoi" quality.

2) Breakfast at Tiffany's: A classic....really, no need to explain why this is #2.

And 1) Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
Excellent hair, makeup and wardrobe....nothing beats this movie for me. I can watch it over and over (and have, actually:P) The film also shows that being different is something to be embraced, and who can't appreciate that sentiment? :)

Okay, ladies and gents, what are your fave movies when it comes to fashion-inspiration?


Josie said…
I still haven't seen Reality Bites! I think Breakfast at Tiffany's is deff up there for me, but I also loveee the way Shannyn Sossamon (probably totally spelt her name wrong!) dresses in loads of films, she always had the same kind of look in every film she did but looked so amazing xxx
Francesca said…
The only one I have seen of those is Breakfast's at Tiffany's, which is definitely a movie for fashion inspiration. I would also choose geek charming (I know it's a disney movie, but those outfits are really cute) and the devil meets prada. Great question :)
MrsBitchface said…
i've just seen breakfast at tiffany's, but u know waht?? thanks, because now I hace mor movies to see!!

Mitha Komala said…
great review i think i need to see them all! <3

Letters To Juliet
Emmylou said…
Thanks for the comments, ladies:) These films are worth it!
Andrea said…
Breakfast at Tiffany will always be the one!!COuld you please consider following each other?? Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram: shineonbyandrea
Do you want to be in the next AndreaStyles post and have me as your stylist? It's free ! email me at
Elle Sees said…
i love all of those movies and own a few of those! great inspirations
Unknown said…
Amazing movies, love them all!
Allison said…
Love this list!! I need to see some of these movies so I can see the fashion inspiration! I think my movie is Clueless! Not necessarily because the fashion is SO AMAZING, but because of what it was to me as a kid growing up in Indiana. Clueless came out when I was in 6th grade and back then, I dreamed of living in Los Angeles. Now that I've lived here for over 6 years, I can still watch it and feel like a little kid, yet I've been to all the places Cher has been and know how unglamorous some of them are! haha!!
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