Bite me!

This outfit reminds me of the movie Reality Bites (one of my all-time fave movies), even though it's really not quite what Winona wore in the film. Close enough for me though...:P

image from
My take:

Gap dress, tank inside from West 49, Doc Marten's boots
My co-star is cuter than Ethan Hawke! Heh!
My feet look ginormous, eh?

TGIF, peeps...yay! :)


Shon said…
So cute!! TGIF for reals!!

Your little mama could be in commercials!! So much personality!! Enjoy your family time this weekend!

Thank you for the sweet comments on my post.;)
Emmylou said…
And TY to you too Shon:) You're a sweetie:)
Vision By Mila said…
Have a good weekend! ;)
Elle Sees said…
LOVE that movie. own it, quote it, and pretend i look like lisa whatsherface in the Stay video
rooth said…
I really like your boot / dress pairing. And yes, your shortie is way cuter than Ethan
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Oh, I certainly see the resemblance, especially with the doc martens.

Adam said…
looks pretty similar
Josie said…
I love this outfit, so 90's in the best way! And yes, your co-star is way sweeter xxx
So cool and trendy! You look great!
Wishing you the best for the weekend!!!
Miss Margaret Cruzemark
Beauty Follower said…
The little one is soooo cute in her pink dress!
Shoe Belle said…
That dress!!!;) and def way cuter than Ethan Hawke hahahaha love it!!!
You look great! I've never seen that movie, I am going to search it out :)!
Jodie said…
aah I love your docs! Love your blog too! x
P.s. enter my giveaway for a chance to win a studded friendship bracelet!
MrsBitchface said…
OMG, i really love your co-star, I mean, please ethan, leave!!


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