I'm such a rebel!

Look! I'm wearing white after Labour Day! Waaaaheeeeee!
Top from Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic tank underneath, Levis jeans, Steve Madden booties

Happy Hump Day, everyone:) May the odds be even in your favour.


Elle Sees said…
you look so cute. I Actually wear white in the winter
Vision By Mila said…
love the colour of your top, would so fit my new jeans :)
rooth said…
You are such a rebel - who makes all these fashion "rules" anyway
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I really don't understand the no white after Labor Day rule. I wore white last Thursday so I'm breaking rules too, lol. Adorable look!
Unknown said…
Can't get over how adorable your daughter is... We don't understand the rule either, we've been stocking up on winter whites... You look really cool.

Shon said…
Looks like another fun day was had.
I love the booties and your kids are adorable!! Their smiles light up the place!! LOL
Beauty Follower said…
Τhis colour combo suit you so well!
Shoe Belle said…
That rule is so antiquated anyways, no? Like the color combo;) And OMG love love love the 2nd pic!!! Priceless!!!
CatieBeatty said…
Oh gosh, she is adorable!

You look great in those jeans! Wish I could do white denim, but my legs just end up looking like weird sausages, haha

BTW, I found you through the Blogger Map!
Josie said…
I love your white jeans! What does it mean when people say you can't wear white after Labour Day? What is Labour Day? Haha! xxx
Allison said…
I wear white year round! Hate that dumb rule! haha! And of course, gotta have your daughter's signature pose! I swear, when I have a daughter, I'm teaching her that pose- it's the epitome of cute!
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Emmylou said…
TY for all the comments again, ladies:) Josie, Labour Day is a North American Holiday usually celebrated on the first Monday of Sept. Silly people in the past said you can't wear white after LB....boo!
MrsBitchface said…
las picture is just PERFECT!! And I love you breaking rules on white, you rock babie!!!

Elly said…
Haha well rules were meant to be broken! :) White is just a versatile color, I love the pants!

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