Christmas/Boxing Day 2012

Just wanna share some pics taken the past few days:)

I love this dress I got from ASOS (which you might remember from this post). I wore this for the Christmas Eve mass and dinner.
ASOS dress, no-name leggings, old Pegabo shoes (Excuse the not-so-bright pic. It was nighttime, and I had to take the pic quickly in our foyer.)

My mom's ham= highlight of the meal!

What the boys do in almost every family function...sigh....

Boxing Day adventure...line ups everywhere!
Boxing Day shopping outfit: Danier jacket, H&M shirt and shoes, Urban Planet leggings, LV Speedy bag

Hope you are all having an awesome holiday season so far:) If you did any Boxing Day shopping, what did you get?


  1. looks like you had a great holiday and boxing day shopping! man the mall looks packed, yesterday i went into futureshop and almost got ran over haha. hope you're having a nice holiday!!

  2. We don't have a name for the sale day or season, but pretty much everything is on sale these days, especially today after the Xmas holiday, which resulted in 2 pairs of pants and a tee from H&M, but nothing more, since I've been on a sale shopping spree before Xmas.. but oh well, shopping is never enough, is it..

  3. What lovely fun!! Happy Boxing Day to you and yours!!

    The pics are beautiful! Love the Cheetah print!


  4. Love that dress, it looks chic yet comfortable. The food looks amazing as well

  5. LOL when I first read "Boxing Day", I thought you literally went boxing! I was like OH that sounds fun!!! haha!! I love what you wore for christmas eve! The dress is so pretty on you & of course all of your kids are too cute! I hope you all had a wonderful christmas, Emmy!

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  6. Amazing pictures!
    You really look beautiful.

    I am your newest follower.
    Follow me back? :D


  7. We don't have boxing day in America. People box each other on black friday fighting over dumb deals.

  8. Love the dress and the coat!
    And your princess is so stylish, just like her mummy ;)

  9. TY, everyone:) And Mila, yes, shopping for stuff is never enough...hehe....

  10. It looks even prettier on with that lace detail. Looks like your mom makes a mean ham.

  11. Oh wow, looks like you had a very merry Christmas. Love the Asos dress on you


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