Moon River

One reason I love winter is snow, and when it snows, the moon boots come out, baby!
H&M jacket and pants, Urban Outfitters shirt, old Dior moon boots

"Whoa! All this snow to shovel!"

"School's out...yay!"
Do you have a snow/cold season outfit you can't wait to bust out every year?


  1. Too much fun!! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. Enjoy the snow!! Looks like rain and mid 60's-70's here for Christmas:<

  2. I love the booooots! I have some slightly similar, just slightly, yours are way cooler! Is that a word, cooler?! Merry Christmas!

  3. i have a million cold weather pieces that I can't say i LOVE to bust out, but rather HAVE to bust out haha. It's freezing here!
    xo dana

  4. Dior snowboots? Emmy, you are fabulous! Hope you're having fun in the snow, when it snows here the only thing I'm wearing is pjs to wear indoors. Can't be dealing with the cold haha! xxx

  5. TY all for the comments:) Josie, I got the boots on sale...hehe....

  6. cool pics!!! I like your hair

    xx Mounia

  7. it's in the 70s here (b00). i just wanted to thank you for always reading and commenting on my blog. your comments are so positive and wonderful, like you! i hope your holidays are amazing and full of love!

  8. OMG those moon boots! I totally forgot that boots like those existed! And I used to own some too when I lived in Indiana and had a need for them! So fun! And how cute does your daughter look when she's looking down at the snow--it's almost a face of half excitement/half OMG!

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  9. I bet you guys had a blast & your kids were excited to be outta school..

  10. Oh yay for snow that arrived just in time! The kids look super pumped


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