Influence: Men Of The Sartorialist

Even as a woman, I find men's fashion inspirational. There is a certain ease in how a man dresses, and a stylish guy makes it look so effortless. One can find no better inspiration than the The Sartorialist site, and his books.

These are some of my favourite guy looks in his latest book, Closer. I really do recommend it!

What do you all think? For the ladies, do you find men's fashion inspirational?

(This post is inspired by and submitted to IFB Project#80.)


Elle Sees said…
i'll be honest, i love the men's style more on his blog than the female's! i can see i'd like this new book of his.
Vision By Mila said…
I love men's fashion, in fact, next time I go shopping, I'm gonna go to men's section, just for a change :D
Emmylou said…
Elle, me too! And Mila, I'm gonna start doing this now too coz I think the men's sweaters are sooo nice.
rooth said…
I'm a huge fan of men's fashion. It just seems much more straightforward and approachable. I'd love to dress like one of these guys
As a former men's tailor, yes, I absolutely adore men's style, very inspiring!
Unknown said…
Indeed. I envy them!
Ceciliette said…
A guy can be not that goodlooking but if he´s well dresses.. OMG that does the magic!
Anonymous said…
Those looks are great, yes I do, I especially love guys in suits! :)
Unknown said…
Shon said…
I adore men's fashion and find myself more and more wearing Tom-girl looks. I tend to study guys while out and I have my opinions what I like and don't like.

Thanks for sharing!;0)
life is style said…
hi, dear..just found your blog :)
it's so great! following now... :)
hope you do the same..
kisses :)
Josie said…
I really want this book! I agree, men's style is so inspirational and they have the best coats! xxx
Always Maylee said…
I love a man who dresses well. You're right, when done right, the man just looks so effortless!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Very creative post. Guys look good in outerwear.
ilovetrends said…
Wow! Great post!
Allison said…
I really do love men's fashion too! When I see a well-dressed man, I get super excited and really want to be friends with them. Like, seriously...not just saying that. i think a lot of guys (at least in my life) think getting dressed is throwing on what their wives pick out for them or whatever and I love it when men care about what they are wearing!!

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I love men's fashion and always watch over her. beautiful book!

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