I've looked at clouds from both sides now.

I thought I'd take these pictures inside, as to be honest, I'm kinda getting tired of just seeing my jackets in most of my outfit posts lately (being winter and all), and I thought I'd give our neighbours a break from seeing me do a photo shoot. I'm so nice, eh? Mwahaha!

top from Aritzia, no-name leggings, Zara booties

I know I show mostly one side of my shaved head when I take these pictures, but to clarify, both sides are shaved.:)

 I've had this style for awhile now...more than a year, I think. My hubby shaves them about every two or three weeks, and I trim the ends whenever I feel like it:)

Wishing you all a great Sunday:) XOXO


Love your hair!!

xx Mounia
wish i could have you hair, you look uh-may-zing and i absolutely adore those boots, they're fantastic!

from helen at thelovecatsinc // twitter // youtube

Vision By Mila said…
I think my husband would faint to see me with hair like yours :D I think it suits you really good.. ever thinking of growing it back? I am now patiently waiting for mine to grow, after the pixie short from a while ago..
Anonymous said…
Love those shoes! So pretty!
Unknown said…
You are so brave to do that with your hair, it looks great on you but it is very edgy (not everyone can carry this off, myself included)I love it when people push themselves to try things.

Janine xx
Love it! I use to have a friend who styled her hair this way.

Ali of:

Josie said…
Oh wow I didn't know both sides were shaved! You just got even cooler haha xxx
Shon said…
You are stunning,look at that jaw line!! I did not know that both sides were shaved!! Where have I been? I love it!! Only in my dreams could I pulled that off!

I ventured outside today for pics, well on the screen porch! LOL

Happy Week!
Emmylou said…
TY all, really, for such great comments:') A lot of peeps that I know personally don't get the hair, so it's nice to see support here. Hugs to you all!
rooth said…
Those boots - so much fun. I didn't gather up the courage to get my hair done like yours but I did get 10 inches chopped off this weekend
Always Maylee said…
I think your hair is so cool and unique! And love those boots!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Elle Sees said…
loving the shoes!!! i wish i could rock a rad hairstyle
Emmylou said…
TY all, but just to let you know, this cut came out because of my laziness to wash my hair!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I was hoping for a good close up of both these awesome pink boots and your shaved head. I love your shaved head, lol!
Wendy Annabeth said…
Your hair & shoes rock!!
Jamie Fleetwood said…
You are one of those people I envy, who can pull off this amazing hairstyle! How bold, beautiful, and brave! Love love love! xo
Allison said…
Love the indoor photo shoot! :) Your hair is so much fun--I wish that I had the guts to go through with a drastic change to mine!

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Miu Miu said…
Nice boots :X
Unknown said…
Wow you guys shave and cut your own hair? Sick! Keep it looks great !
Unknown said…
i think this is an absolutely amazing hairdo!truly love it!not too many people have the balls or the character to wear it!:)
thanias said…
Looking rad!!
Love your new hairstyle ;)



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