Obsession #19

I just love how bright this bag is!
Alexander Wang Rockie bag
It was really hard to stop touching this bag as the leather was so soft, and it's the perfect size for an everyday bag.

What are you people coveting lately?


Shon said…
Wow! This is gorgeous.

I have a few little items on my list. No biggies though. That bag, looks like a biggie.

Good weekend to you and yours.
Vision By Mila said…
I am putting a lock to my credit card, in fact I should shred it and ask for permission for shopping from my husband! BUT I only get relatively cheap stuff anyway, or decent price, or on sale, soooo.. I got 2 pairs of shoes, they arrived yesterday, I'll take some pics later on.. long live the sales!
rooth said…
Hah, I've totally been looking at that bag since it came out. I really like how it's smaller and more compact. Still really heavy though!
MrsBitchface said…
totally in love with it!!!

Marta said…
Gorgeous bag!

Wendy Annabeth said…
Oh, I love! I'm a new GFC follower :)
Anita said…
lovely blog.
Anonymous said…
That is a beautiful bag, I love the color!
omg. what do i have to do to get one of those? im in love haha,

lovely blog, see you in mine!
Adam said…
I was coveting a 3DS, so I bought one. Got a great deal online, but I'm still waiting for it.
Sofies closet said…
Wow, I love it in red! :D
Elly said…
Amazing bag! I love the color and studded details! :))

nice bag!!


Unknown said…
Really nice bag. Love the color. Perfect for Valentines day coming up.

Unknown said…
love those bags too. <3

Josie said…
I loveeeee Roccos! I want a pale grey or black one xxx
Always Maylee said…
That bag is perfection. I want it too!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Elle Sees said…
ooh i would love that! I have no name brand bags! i have a tiny LV wallet I got in Paris once that I treasure.
Oh so nice!!! I love it!!!!
Unknown said…
That bag is so cute!


Oh to Be a Muse said…
Haha, I love the brightness of it too. Maybe you should get it or the orange one for your next birthday.
Omg these bags are my dream!Would you like to follow each other on gfc and fb? Kiss
Emmylou said…
TY all for commenting. Glad to know you all love it as much as I do:)
I don't think the pic does a good job of showing it, but the bag is orange:)
Unknown said…
Beautiful, would love to own one!
Bow Tied Beauty said…
Those bags look amazing, I swear everything is so tempting after the new year! x

Unknown said…
Freaking amazing!!! <3

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