It is technically spring, but winter over here in Toronto is stubborn. Hence, you can still see snow. Boohissss! Mind you, I think it was because we had an early spring last year that this year's winter is feeling longer than usual...sigh....

Danier jacket, BDG top, H&M/Dragon Tattoo collection pants, Zara booties

How is the weather where you are? Colder? Warmer?


  1. technically.. goddam! at least we're having some sun and some snow is starting to melt (read couple of mm per day, lol)..

  2. I know, Mila:( You're lucky over there:) A couple of mm melting sounds ok to me:P

  3. hot hairrrr gurrrl. love the houndstooth!


  4. Ah the snow, what a lovely accessory you have there!! LOL

    I see you are sporting a fresh new "haircut" with that houndstooth!!

    Maybe click those snazzy studded boots together and see what happens to the snow?:)

  5. I feel your pain, the UK is having an overly long winter too! So depressing. At least you can wear these lovely boots a while longer! xxx

  6. I love the houndstooth print! So cute with those red boots!! It's definitely warming up a lot over here but we are still having a few chilly days! I definitely can't complain though because it's mild compared to Canada! :)

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  7. Amazing boots! Vancouver actually managed to stay dry and sunny today, very apt for the first day of Spring!!

  8. I so love your look! The jacket, shirt and boots are amazing! Have a lovely weekend Emmy <3<3

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  9. It's been colder here since spring arrived too, haha, darn you mother nature! Love the picture of you and the little one! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. omg. those shoes are amazing! love the details

  11. Those boots are my absolute favourite! Houndstooth is a great classic pattern. xx/Madison

  12. I love your pants and your houndstooth. It has gotten warmer here, like spring, but there has also been some rain. Hopefully the weather will be how we like it really soon!

  13. those shoes look great with the houndstooth! and oooh so much snow, like here! yesterday was suppose to be first day of spring and instead it snowed another 5cm!

  14. This year is really weird, everybody has such a long winter** too bad( Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Followed you, hope you can do same;)
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  15. Your hair is so fabulous and the little girl looks so cute :)

    Winter is being stubborn here too!

  16. Uhh i lve that print, but never find anything cool with it. Autumn has finally started here and i hope it lasts forever!!!!!!

  17. loving the Emmy boots! ;)
    and houndstooth, of course


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