New in...basic

You can never have enough t-shirts, right?

Tiger shirt from Maison Scotch
Let me tell you....I didn't even know until just recently that Maison Scotch has a stand-alone store in downtown Toronto (located at Eaton Centre). Apparently, it's been open for a year and half. I'm so clueless!

It comes with this cute necklace:)
Any new purchases, guys?


Adam said…
I assume the shirt was made in Quebec?
Ramona said…
Indeed!I just yesterday bought some :) Just wish our weather would be more appropriate for T-shirts. You have got so cool T-shirt!

xoxo Ra
Vision By Mila said…
Yes, a MAC matte lipstick & waiting for the stuff ordered online (Too Faced primer and some skin care items).. have a good weekend!
Emmylou said…
Adam, this co. is actually from Amsterdam:P And you have a great weekend too, Mila:)
Anonymous said…
That's a cute tee shirt!
Vision By Mila said…
The guy in my post was, to my best knowledge, nobody famous, there was a bunch of guys/actos giving out fliers about an Easter play happening next weekend, and as I happened to be around, I asked if I could take a photo..
Josie said…
Too true, no such thing as too many tees! xxx
Unknown said…
cool necklace my friend !
Allison said…
I love the little camera necklace! I can't believe that it came with the tee! So cute!

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Beauty Follower said…
Once I like tiger as an animal... your tee is me fave.
Unknown said…
Great buy, it would definitely come in very handy!
rooth said…
I'm so in love with Maison Scotch and wish they'd open a store here - I may have to check out more of their stuffs online

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